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Thieves make off with $1,000 worth of cheese

About $1,000 worth of mozzarella and cheddar cheese were stolen from a Lactalis America Group trailer early Sunday.

According to a Buffalo Police report. the company found several cases of cheese missing from the trailer, after one or more unknown individuals cut a chain on a company fence at its South Park Avenue property and broke the seal on a trailer to get inside.

Police did not say how much of each cheese was taken. But if cheddar sells for about $2.50 for a one-pound block, each pound yields four cups of shredded cheese, and three cups of shredded cheddar are used for each bowl of mac-n-cheese.

Alternatively, with the average 18-inch pizza taking about a pound of mozzarella cheese, and a one-pound block of Sorrento mozzarella currently costing about $3.50, the theft could cover enough of that cheese for about 285 pies.