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Letter: We must pray for a leader who will do the right thing

We must pray for a leader who will do the right thing

It recently occurred to me that our country was founded on religious principles. Our currency and coin are inscribed “In God we Trust” and our Founding Fathers, such as George Washington, were not shy about professing their belief in God. Abraham Lincoln later said that prayer gave him his greatest solace in our country’s darkest days.

Today, though, it seems to me that if we even suggest prayer as a way to address our country’s many problems and challenges, we are labeled as naive, impractical or a religious fanatic by many.

I think it is time that all of us at least consider arguing less about who is or isn’t the best candidate for president and instead begin to spend more time praying that whoever gets elected will be guided to have the courage and the wisdom to lead our country in the right direction so that we truly are able to claim that we are still “one nation under God.”

Dennis Patrick Farrell