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Letter: National sovereignty was issue in Brexit vote

National sovereignty was issue in Brexit vote

The July 4 letter, “Brexit outcome reveals lack of critical thinking,” essentially says that anyone in the United Kingdom and the United States who supported Brexit is a moron, lacking in “critical thinking.” The letter totally missed the most important issue regarding Brexit. That point is, the European Union, operated by a bunch of unelected bureaucrats in Brussels, controls all of the EU countries.

It is estimated that 70 percent of all rules and laws controlling the UK are from the EU. This means that Britons do not control their own country and they are losing the democratic means to do so. The grip of the EU is getting more pervasive and stronger as time goes on. The vote for Brexit was ultimately a vote for independence from the nameless, faceless bureaucrats who “know more than everyone else” and “what is good for everyone.” The major issue in two word is “national sovereignty.” Since the letter writer missed this important point, perhaps it is he who is intellectually impaired.

Comically, the writer tells us how in today’s world, it is easy to learn much more about the issues facing the world, and how that is a citizen’s responsibility. Yet he misses the issue of national sovereignty. By not acknowledging the issue, he disqualifies himself from being able to comment on the Brexit vote.

James Sterman

East Amherst