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Letter: We need to stop fighting, start embracing each other

We need to stop fighting, start embracing each other

Please take heed: our society as well as our global economic structure is in great flux. This is not news. We are bombarded with images of destruction and otherness. All these things do is highlight differences, emphasizing division and separateness.

You say you want a revolution? Well, then it’s time we stop making these differences the focal point of our vision. If we want a real revolution, real change, we must come together. We must make a stand for what we all fundamentally believe to be true: the golden rule. This isn’t to say we don’t discuss and debate areas where we have differing views, but it means we don’t let our differences become the focus, the line that keeps us apart, that keeps us from forming the “more perfect union” our Founders intended.

Allow me to cite two key speakers:

Kurt Vonnegut, American novelist: “I think we can understand that our politicians and millionaires can do very little for us, except to take our money … we must learn to love one another and care for one another as best we can, we must organize … this is no time to marvel and cackle over family trees. This is a time for us to become excited about being members of the family of man.”

Kim Leadbetter, sister of slain British MP Jo Cox, who was murdered in the days leading up to the Brexit vote: “My sister would want her murder to mobilise people to get on with things, to try to make a positive difference in whatever way we can, to come together and unite against hate and division and to fight instead for inclusion, love and unity.”

So you want a revolution? Well then, embrace the golden rule and your neighbor.

Joe Foegen