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Letter: Turner unfairly attacks Founders over slavery

Turner unfairly attacks Founders over slavery

This letter seeks to refute the insidious self-loathing and white guilt opined by Douglas Turner regarding the Founding Fathers and slavery. He further incites by repeating President Obama’s inflammatory charge that racism is part of the DNA of America.

Slavery is an abhorrent practice and a stain on humanity. Many of the Founders that were slaveholders became vehemently anti-slavery. Most notably was Benjamin Franklin, a former slaveholder, who cited England’s refusal to abolish slavery in the American colonies and led the cause of abolition in Pennsylvania.

Further, Turner writes: “… the framers, all of whom were slaveholders or Northern oligarchs, not only defended slavery but actually wove it into the Constitution,” using editorial sleight of hand to leave the impression that all Founders owned slaves. In fact, among the delegates to the Constitutional Convention slaveholders were not in the majority.

And regarding Turner’s pejorative characterization of the Founders as “oligarchs,” he slanders as a class a group of highly intelligent, driven, successful and educated men who risked all of it – and their lives – to stand up to an oppressive monarchy to create this grand experiment known as the United States of America. This is the genetic material that is imbued in the DNA of America.

History will deal with President Obama’s incendiary statements on race that did more to fan the flames of mistrust than to heal the wounds of animosity. All Americans of every race, creed and circumstances should celebrate this great country, faults and all, every day, but especially on July 4.

Edward J. Mrozinski