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Letter: Let’s move golf course out of Delaware Park

Let’s move golf course out of Delaware Park

Just like with our waterfront, once again it has taken a private citizen and an outsider to recognize the too-long-dormant potential of yet another of our magnificent natural resources. I’m talking about Kevin Gaughan’s proposal to Jack Nicklaus to return part of Delaware Park to the original vision of Olmsted.

Kudos to Gaughan for taking the initiative. It is a good opportunity, but it only goes halfway. Now is the time to target raised and dedicated funding to relocate the entire golf course from Delaware Park to an alternate location to continue to provide city golfers with the opportunity to play that great game. Then install park amenities, like lots of picnic benches, sandboxes, water ponds, historical exhibits, signage and other opportunities for all of our citizens to enjoy, who I’m sure would eagerly add to this list. Just ask them. Build it and they will come. Look at what a bunch of Adirondack chairs did to kick-start Canalside. Half a park is not too different from a big-box store! Let’s return Delaware Park to the place Olmsted intended.

Search online to see what an urban park should look like. Then contact the Mayor’s Office, your city, county, state and federal representatives and this page to request that your voice be heard in public hearings to present and vet alternative plans before any final redesign of Delaware Park. This time, let’s not settle for just an improved park. Let’s expand our vision and do it right the first time.

Joseph Donofrio, Ph.D.