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Letter: Corner is too congested to add a drive-through

Corner is too congested to add a drive-through

Noco is proposing a convenience store and drive-through at the intersection of Delaware Avenue and Amherst Street. There are already two convenience stores at this intersection, but that isn’t the real problem. A drive-through in this location would create an extremely dangerous situation.

Amherst and Delaware is a busy intersection, to say the least. In addition to heavy traffic, Metro buses have stops at all four corners, pedestrians cross there in varying zigzag patterns, a crossing guard is on duty during school hours because an elementary school is a block away and emergency vehicles are continually speeding through the intersection. A drive-through would present a true disaster.

Residents in the area received a notice of public hearing scheduled for Monday at 4 p.m. in City Hall. Not a convenient time for most residents!

My concern is that due to the time and location of the meeting, the drive-through could easily pass approval. I am suggesting that a thorough study of both vehicle and pedestrian traffic at peak times during the day, when school is in session, be conducted before any decision is made. The city doesn’t need to allow another disaster to occur.

Susan Smith