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City Hallways (July 8) Dressing for City Hall metal detector

Starting today, City Hall visitors go through metal detectors

A new morning routine

I purposely wore shoes without buckles this morning, knowing that I'd have to go through a metal detector before walking into City Hall.

The screening started today. It was a bit like the routine at the Erie County Court House, where you put your purse, briefcase and anything metal in a plastic bin, then walk through an old-style airport-style metal detector.

One difference though - at least for today - is the articles in the plastic bins didn't go through an x-ray machine of any sort.  Instead, the armed-guard at the door checked the items, looking to see what was in the purse, and such.

I was given my items back after I went through the metal detector.

Mascia update

When I  checked to see  if ousted BMHA commissioner Joe Mascia won a recent election to head one of the authority-wide tenant organizations, I learned that last month's meeting didn't  go so  smoothly.

The vote on who will head the BMHA's Resident Advisory Board was postponed.

Seems there's some question whether Mascia qualifies to run since the BMHA complex he lives in  - the Marine Drive Apartments - is state-funded, rather than federally funded.

Leonard Williams, who was elected last month to serve as a BMHA tenant commissioner, and who has been active in the RAB organization for years,  says he recently learned only tenants living in federally funded complexes can serve as RAB officers or voting members.

After Williams brought that up at the meeting, the vote was postponed, giving Mascia time to research the issue.

Mascia says he's done his research, and that Williams is wrong.

I'll check back after the next RAB meeting to see how it turns out.

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