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Power Take: Reyes’ bad decision taints his baseball career’s legacy

Jose Reyes returned to Citi Field in a New York Mets uniform this week to thunderous applause. For certain, Reyes is an amazing baseball player. Fans of the Buffalo Bisons had the opportunity to watch him in person on an injury rehabilitation assignment a few years ago.

But there’s another side to Reyes, the one in which he allegedly grabbed his wife by the throat and shoved her into a sliding door in a Hawaii hotel room in October.

Major League Baseball suspended the star for 51 games under its domestic violence policy – an important decision as professional sports leagues take baby steps to take domestic violence seriously. Here’s the difficult part – negotiating the nuance. You can be an incredible athlete and terrorize your family off the field. While athletes are human and not perfect, we can, and do, hold them to standards. And as human beings, we are not isolated into self-contained identities. We are the sum of all our life decisions, including Reyes.

His “bad decision” forever puts a slightly different hue on his baseball heroics.