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Letter: Extending light rail would reduce traffic

Extending light rail would reduce traffic

Recently there was a letter by Douglas Funke, president of Citizens for Regional Transit, addressing the problem of too much traffic on the Kensington Expressway. When I was younger, horses cantered on Humboldt Parkway where the expressway is now and we played touch football there. It was a beautiful place in the city. Then came the expressway.

Now there is talk of placing a roadway cap over the expressway at a huge expense (over $500 million). Funke rightly says it would be cheaper and better to do two things. One is to fill in the Kensington (for about $48 million) instead of covering it, thus restoring that former portion of Olmsted Park. The other is to add to our transportation options by extending light rail transportation from the airport to downtown with stops along the way. That would take thousands of cars out of rush-hour traffic. And these options would actually cost less than the capping.

These changes could help our city step into the 21st century, modern and beautiful again. Therefore, I support the proposals made and would hope that many of my fellow citizens and politicians would do the same.

Michael M. Moran

East Amherst