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Letter: ‘Continuation of Obama’ would not be a bad thing

‘Continuation of Obama’ would not be a bad thing

A letter published July 3, “Trump is a far better choice than Clinton,” deserves a response.

The writer asked, “Did we forget how great our country was before these eight years of President Obama?” I for one remember very clearly what our country was like before Obama took office. Our economy was collapsing toward depression and pulling down most world economies with it. People were already losing their jobs and their homes at unprecedented rates. There was no bottom in sight until months after Obama took office. We were fighting a terrible, wrong war having absolutely nothing to do with the World Trade Center attack, and started by our own administration. It was not America at our greatest.

The writer asserts, “A vote for Hillary Clinton is a continuation of Obama,” meaning that this would be a bad thing. Let’s see: our markets and global economies stabilized and recovered, fewer Americans are dying in battle, unemployment is half what it was before he took office, the leader responsible for the World Trade Center attack is dead (Osama bin Laden, not Saddam Hussein), and the list goes on.

I believe America has been great, is great and will be even greater. But I do not believe we need to go through Donald Trump to get there.

Philip Dumitru