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Letter: Artwork takes away from nature’s beauty

Artwork takes away from nature’s beauty

I don’t know if it is just me or if other people feel this way, but I’m not a big fan of the recent addition of artwork around the community. Nature has given us such beauty. Looking at the intricate design of a flower, or the contrast of leaves against the sky or a dark sturdy trunk, brings such joy to my heart and a feeling of inner peace.

With the addition of man-made art in front of the Botanical Gardens and within Tifft Nature Preserve, I feel the sense of serenity that nature provides is being violated. The sculptures are obtrusive to the innate beauty of those areas. It gives the impression of having tidied up a house for company, but then the kids drop their sporting equipment on the middle of the floor. You can’t not see that, but that’s what your focus is drawn to.

I’m sure the artists are pleased that their sculptures are prominently showcased, but it just causes me to cringe. I might appreciate the artwork in another setting, but not where it disrupts the harmony created by the natural beauty of this great Earth.

Karen Ciminelli