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Power Take: There’s absolutely nothing wrong with Durant’s move

The easy, armchair, stuffing-hot dogs-in-mouth response to Kevin Durant joining the Golden State Warriors over the July 4th Weekend was to rip the former MVP. How dare a player sign with the team that eliminated him from the postseason.

The blasphemy!

So many folks are sickened by so-called “superteams” inhabiting the NBA, pointing to an imbalance of haves and have-nots. Sure, the Warriors are an unprecedented “superteam,” but those crying foul need a history lesson. Every dynasty in the history of the NBA had multiple stars.

Magic Johnson had Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and James Worthy. Larry Bird had Kevin McHale and Robert Parish. Even Michael Jordan – the best-ever athlete in any sport – had Scottie Pippen.

Bill Russell wasn’t alone. Kobe Bryant wasn’t alone. LeBron James certainly wasn’t alone.

Do the hot-takers want Durant to head to a local YMCA and pick up four 40-year-olds to win a title? In Golden State, Durant saw a 73-win team, an intoxicating up-tempo style that suits his game and a city he (get this) wants to live in. So, superteam it up, KD. It’ll give this league a Game of Thrones-like build-up to Cavs/Warriors III next June.

Durant won’t fit snugly into the box millions want him to, and that’s just fine.