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Letter: Bill ought to list town, county taxes separately

Bill ought to list town, county taxes separately

If you ask people what their Erie County taxes are, they will tell you the whole bill the county sends out for taxes due in February. The problem with the format of the current tax bill sent by the county is that the town taxes are included and mixed in.

The town and county taxes should be in a format that is separate and totaled to show county taxes and town taxes separately. This does not pertain to people living in the city because they get a separate tax bill for county taxes only.

Erie County legislators do not want to raise taxes, but apparently the towns can. The problem is that Erie County employees suffer from pay and benefits lower than that of town employees. Erie County employees don’t get the same pay and benefits because the towns raise taxes to cover the cost, but the county gets the blame.

I wish Erie County government would make a graph of the tax rates for the past 15 years of county taxes and the taxes of the largest towns. Then we would clearly see who is raising the taxes. Erie County employees deserve pay and benefits equal to their suburban town counterparts.

Charles J. Krathaus Jr.