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City Hallways (July 5) Poll finds lots of support for tower


Poll  results: Is the tower too big?

No, it's not too big.
It's not the most beautiful building design, but it's pretty okay.
And yes, a high-rise apartment building is a good  idea for the Outer Harbor.

Those are the results of the City Hallways Poll: Is the Tower Too Big? The poll, posted all last  week,  attracted 1,256 responses.  That's the most of any City Hallways poll to date.

Here's details:

Question 1: Is the 23-story building too tall for the  Outer Harbor?

No  - 65 %

Yes - 33%

Undecided - 2%:

Question 2: On a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being extremely unattractive and 5 being extremely attractive, how attractive would you rate the building?

(4)Attractive 37 %

(3)Average 21%

(5)Extremely attractive 16%

(2)Unattractive 14%

(1)Extremely unattractive - 12%

Question 3: Is a high-rise apartment building - with restaurants and a bar inside - an appropriate use for this land

Yes -72%

No - 22%

Undecided - 6%

City Hall security


I saw this sign posted this morning at the front and back entrances to City Hall. I'm told it's in preparation for the higher security measures expected in City Hall sometime soon - I don't have an exact date, just sometime after the July 4th holiday. Those measures expected to include visitors subject to metal detectors and packages subject to x-ray screening.

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Common Council meeting this afternoon

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