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Letter: Now is not the time to disarm Americans

Now is not the time to disarm Americans

Every time there is a mass killing in this country connected to radical Islam or mentally unstable people, our president thinks that our country is the problem because of our right to bear arms guaranteed by the Second Amendment. Someone needs to advise him that there are many more attacks carried out in the rest of the world in countries that forbid citizens from possessing firearms such as Belgium, France and Turkey.

So why do liberals in New York and the rest of America think that more gun laws are going to work? Bad guys get guns and explosives in spite of restrictions. So why would they think that more laws make us safer?

Liberals cannot wish guns away. They are here to stay. Go after the problem people, regardless of offending political correctness. Now is not the time to disarm the American public. Why don’t they lead by example and disarm their security details?

David Karney