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Letter: Brexit outcome reveals lack of critical thinking

Brexit outcome reveals lack of critical thinking

Britain just underwent a revelation that resembles one the United States has recently undergone. Britain’s uninformed, nostalgic, non-thinking citizens just voted Britain out of the European Union, surprising everyone with the success of such a dull-witted idea and causing serious economic trouble for Britain and modern nations all over the world. Similarly challenged and intellectually underequipped Americans have promoted a thoughtless, rude, misogynistic bigot with shallow limits on his ideas to the threshold of being our president.

The modern world has unavoidably evolved and now is made up of more complicated, intricate and nuanced politics, economics, international relations and just about every other aspect of culture, societal relations and modern life in general.

With today’s comprehensive and unfettered communications, it’s possible to be informed in depths and breadths of issues unavailable a few decades ago, with the absolutely mandatory requirement to be smart enough to know what are truths and what are not in the stream of information available to all of us.

Along with this metamorphosis of complexity and the opportunity to know of it in detail irrevocably comes the requirements of an objective, informed understanding of what all the truths are and application of the tenets of critical thinking in determining perspectives.

Our world, inside and out, has become more of an intellectual challenge than ever before. The ability and/or willingness to engage that challenge has not evolved in too many citizens to match the requirements of good citizenry in the United States, and in the world.

Edward Gleason

Niagara Falls