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Letter: Trump is far better choice than Clinton

Trump is far better choice than Clinton

I am writing in response to the letter, “Do Americans really want a bully as their president?” In all fairness, I ask: Do Americans really want a perpetual liar, a person possibly to be indicted for a crime, as their president? How does that help women?

We have two imperfect candidates, but the lesser of the two evils is Donald Trump. Bullying is nasty; no one likes bullying. Many viewers of the presidential debates of both parties saw a good share of candidates bullying each other. Trump is not alone, they all are bullies.

There’s more to judge for qualities in a president than that. It’s not good common sense, with all the problems we have facing this country. What about taking into consideration a person’s life performance, honesty, bringing jobs back to America, keeping us safe, protecting our Second Amendment? I believe Trump will do these things he says, because he is not a liar, as his opponent has proven to be.

Did we forget how great our country was before these eight years of President Obama? A vote for Hillary Clinton is a continuation of Obama. The writer said we crybabies have it good today, acknowledging World War II fought on foreign soil was worse for America. Wake up, realize there is a war being fought on our soil now. Terrorists are killing civilian Americans. We are now in the fight of our lives.

Dee Cavagnaro

East Amherst