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Letter: Outrageous campaign really could be a ploy

Outrageous campaign really could be a ploy

I read with interest an op-ed column in The News that suggested Donald Trump really has very little interest in winning the presidency. Rather, he is using his campaign as a ploy to create a new news and entertainment network as another one of his business schemes. This seems to make sense on many levels and plays to the multitude of endorsements he has received from businessmen such as Carl Paladino and Rep. Chris Collins. They will remind Trump that they were there supporting him throughout and why not offer them a slice of the pie?

Also, do not be amazed when Trump announces that he really is not a Republican after all, but thought he would just make outrageous statement after outrageous statement to show that underneath it all the United States is just a racist, isolationist, gun-toting nation. This is the kind of exposé we can expect on his new network.

In the end, we will find out that he was actually in the service of the Democratic Party, (of which he previously had been a member) thus aiding the Dems to win the presidency. It was part of a larger deal he had worked out with the Clintons before this all started. Now how is that for a theory? I am sure there are better variations than what I can concoct.

Ronald J. Cohen

East Amherst