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Letter: GOP will do anything to undermine Clinton

GOP will do anything to undermine Clinton

Hillary Clinton is the most qualified person running for president of the United States. Two of the issues that people claim against Clinton are Benghazi and her email server.

First, Benghazi: numerous independent reviews found nothing. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy said on Fox News the Republicans launched this last hearing to take her likability down. We have had 41 attacks on embassies since 1924 and never has a secretary of state been blamed before. The Diplomatic Security Service is responsible for security at embassies and, interestingly, the Republicans are not questioning that agency.

Second, the email server: When she became secretary of state in 2009 she asked if she could use one device. No one told her it was illegal. A former NSA tech set up her server. For four years, no one said anything. Now, three years later, she runs for president and, surprise, there is a problem.

This woman has been in service for over 40 years. She has been lied about and the garbage thrown at her is incredible. Here is the choice: Hillary Clinton, 40 years of service, or Donald Trump, racist and liar. Puzzling that the choice is hard for some people.

Teresa Lukasik