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Letter: Democrats in House are an embarrassment

Democrats in House are an embarrassment

The slumber party that the immature Democrats in Congress held was terribly embarrassing to the American people. They looked like fools, achieved nothing and wasted taxpayer money and time. Please vote these people out who only want to be on TV and raise more money for themselves. They need to go home and not come back. Is this how adults in public office behave? They were lying on the floor, shouting down their opponents and eating doughnuts under their blankets!

Gun control is not what is needed after a terrorist attack. Methods to fight terrorism and action that takes the bad guys out are what is needed. They want to give the bad guys a hug and think that’ll fix everything; meanwhile, the bad guys are killing innocent Americans left and right. The bad guys don’t care what gun laws we have because they won’t be stopped. But, gun control will stop law-abiding Americans from defending themselves. The House Democrats want you to have a rubber band gun while the enemy has a bazooka.

We need to arm ourselves with whatever is necessary. That is our Second Amendment right. Message to our government: stop hassling law-abiding citizens and start fighting terrorism.

Kathleen Sacilowski