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Power Take: Luck’s huge extension means Taylor will get his big money

As the quarterback market keeps soaring, Tyrod Taylor can only keep smiling.

Andrew Luck is coming off the worst of his four seasons with the Indianapolis Colts and on Wednesday he became the richest player in the NFL with a five-year, $122.97 million contract extension.

Before that deal jumped into his briefcase, Taylor’s agent, Adisa Bakari, was already well armed with ammunition from the money Brock Osweiler and Kirk Cousins are getting or will get with less or equal starting experience. Bakari wants the Bills to realize what is probably true: They have their best quarterback since Jim Kelly and there isn’t one on the horizon who will be better.

But the meter is running on the No. 5 taxi and the Bills are sitting in the back seat watching the digits climb. Make no mistake. This is money the Bills will gladly spend. Every team wants a franchise quarterback to pay handsomely. Some, such as the Colts, do so even when his most recent season is far from spectacular.

Chances are, the Bills will conclude they have to pay up. The only questions are when and how much will it cost when that time comes?