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Letters (July 3)

After all these years, Buffalo has ‘championship’

On June 22 several hundred thousand fans showed up to celebrate the Cleveland Cavaliers’ first NBA championship. That got me to wondering.

Recently the Buffalo Bills wrapped up their mandatory and voluntary offseason workouts to which the Bills’ coach Rex Ryan declared that the Bills won the offseason “season.”

Being a life long Bills fan who has been waiting a long time for that championship team, and of course the celebration that winning the in “offseason” that goes with it. I was so excited to join in the huge celebration in downtown Buffalo that I drove to City Hall expecting to join in on the festivities. What happened? I saw some people walking around City hall and a few food trucks driving around. No one but me showed up to celebrate the self proclaimed “offseason championship.” Did I miss something? Was it on a different date? I saw no street corner vendors selling “Offseason championship” hats or t-shirts.

I will be there next year to cheer on our “offseason” winning football team. I am buying season tickets for sure.

Thanks Rex, for cluing us in on what a great “offseason” winner we have here in Buffalo. And as for Bill Belichick? Take that, you have been outcoached, out played and out “offseasoned” by Rex.

So when is the parade and where can I buy a hat?

Larry Schiro


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