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Letter: Ali was not a hero; all who served were

Ali was not a hero; all who served were

I take exception to the notion that a draft-dodging coward can somehow be looked upon as a hero, a role model and a pillar to society. I realize we now live in a politically correct environment where everyone gets a trophy, everyone is a hero and anything pretty much goes. But because of the millions of brave Americans who served or are serving this country, sacrificing their lives whether they agree with the government or not, we are afforded life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

What if the 16 million members of the Greatest Generation to ever walk the face of the earth did the same as Muhammad Ali did back in World War II? I’ll tell you what would have happened. Those who made the cut as part of the supreme race would rule the world, we would all be speaking German and race relations wouldn’t exist, for there would be only one race.

To stand there and say how brave Ali was to stand up for his convictions is to spit on the graves of every brave American who died serving this country when they were called upon by their government. I’m sure most didn’t want to go off to foreign soil and possibly lose their lives, but they did, and we are all free because they did. Think about that when you’re celebrating the Fourth of July.

Tom Perkovich