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Letter: Will deserves credit for leaving the GOP

Will deserves credit for leaving the GOP

In a country of roughly 320 million people, it’s inevitable that we would produce a man like Donald Trump and that there would be a few million Americans who actually think he would serve their interests as their representative.

What is truly ghastly is that nearly half the politicians in this country pretend that they think he would make a good president. While I rarely agree with George Will (other than his observations about baseball) I must commend him for quitting the Republican Party. If 50 or 60 high-profile Republicans would take a similar stand, they would be doing this country and their own party a huge favor.

Until that happens, it is unconscionable to continue to vote for Republican politicians – national or local – whose only claim to fame in the last eight years has been to shout “Nobama” and throw sand in the gears of government as they childishly refuse to admit that we have a duly elected – and re-elected – Democratic president. This pattern will continue until we throw these bums out.

John Nelson