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Letter: Let’s strive to bring culture to Canalside

Let’s strive to bring culture to Canalside

Buffalo sits on a natural, rich gift – Lake Erie. People once had little or no access to the waterfront. Canalside has opened up an area to the public for all ages to enjoy with a variety of venues. Parking is a precious commodity. What little close-proximity parking there is vanishes quickly. I have seen orange tape keeping the public out because there is a marathon, a bicycle race or a concert. This leaves very little at Canalside for the people who still enjoy a relaxing day or evening, especially on a weekend.

I visited the Baltimore Aquarium, and wish Buffalo officials would have done the same. I was in favor of the bicycle museum. People of all ages would have enjoyed that. Not everyone has children in need of a playground or entertainment, not everyone is a runner or concertgoer. Maybe I just keep coming at the wrong time, but it seems like anything happening in Buffalo tries to get crammed into that little area. Look at the Canalside event schedule. I am not against the activities, but I would like to see more cultural areas.

Art has been popping up now. I enjoyed the illuminations on the grain elevators and the changing colors of the resin “Silent Poets” atop the stainless steel poles. Unfortunately, I witnessed a man with his young children shaking the pole in an attempt to jiggle the poet. Can we bring more culture to the waterfront? I still like to hope so.

Diane E. Scherer

Orchard Park