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Letter: Tower does not belong in migratory bird path

Tower does not belong in migratory bird path

There is a well-known line within the novel “To Kill a Mockingbird” that asks why anyone would want to kill a mockingbird when all they do is “sing their hearts out for us.” The politicians who approved the construction of the 23-story apartment tower on Buffalo’s waterfront should know the answer, which is money.

This building will kill not just a bird here or there, but many birds, because our shoreline is part of a major migratory bird path and most migratory birds fly at night. They won’t see high structures, and any lights will draw them near to it. Birds crashing into windows isn’t my idea of “home sweet home.” It’s cruel to place anything in their way when you know of the outcome.

There is a large stand of mature trees nearby, close to the water. They are likely a well-used haven for the birds. Will they be removed and missed by birds that survive?

I doubt the number of birds killed will be shared with the public. But according to the SPCA, when tall buildings at shorelines became popular, the percentage of migratory birds dropped by 20 to 25 percent. Buffalo will now contribute to that percentage.

Approval of this building was careless and tells young people when you have to choose between living creatures and money, you know what’s more important. It’s a puzzling lesson for children and a sad, primitive legacy left by some politicians.

Judy Catalano