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Letter: Redesigning golf course in park is a terrific idea

Redesigning golf course in park is a terrific idea

In recent discussion with my husband, we considered whether the City of Buffalo would ever try to improve the golf course at Delaware Park, and improve the amenities. So I was so pleased to learn of the idea to have Jack Nicklaus redesign the Delaware course so that we Buffalo residents can have something as nice as the facilities in surrounding towns.

I was equally pleased to read that the entire plan is Kevin Gaughan’s, and that he is leading the charge to get elected officials and parks trustees to sign on to this incredible opportunity.

When my husband and I moved from the Elmwood Village back to the Parkside neighborhood last winter, I remember joking with him about how cool it would be if, when we retire, we had a park and golf course nearby that was so attractive that we would want to walk and play it every day. I think many of my neighbors feel the same way, and would be thrilled to see this vision become a reality.

Heather Anderson