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Discovery’s famed “Street Outlaws” roll into Lancaster National

Fans of street drag racing probably have seen Chris Day and Chris Hamilton on TV each Monday as part of the highly rated Discovery Channel reality series “Street Outlaws.”

Day, better known to his national television fans as “Kamikaze Chris,” and Hamilton, who goes by the racing moniker of “Boosted GT,” will take to the drag strip Friday at Lancaster National Speedway and Dragway. They’ll take on the local Buffalo Street Outlaws contingent for motorized bragging rights on the Gunnville Road race facilities’ one-eighth mile strip.

Two of the premier Buffalo Street Outlaw drivers − North Collins’ Doug Vanstrom and Buffalo’s Moe Alfaqih − will be trying to defeat the TV contingent and defend their Lancaster turf.

Spearheading the effort to bring the pair of national racing reality series television stars to Lancaster Friday is local race promoter and marketing specialist Rob Kozak.

The Outlaw Street cars are high-powered, street-style machines that produce between 1,500 and 1,800 horsepower and feature 10½-inch tires. The cars do not utilize rear wheelie bars.

Lackawanna’s Kozak is president of Kozak Motorsports Marketing and the organizer of the Buffalo Street Outlaws. He closed the deal to bring Day and Hamilton to Lancaster.

“Three years ago I organized a class for drivers who like to drive cars with smaller tires into a single class,” said Kozak. “Then I found out that more people wanted to run with us who liked what we were doing and wanted to go heads-up drag racing. So I added two other classes since then.

“I grew up watching drag racing and I just want to help the sport of drag racing and the drag racers in it to succeed. The creation of the Buffalo Street Outlaws was for the racers to give them a great class to compete in and form a schedule with places to race. Friday’s deal with Hamilton and Day is big for Lancaster and big for me because it all brings together the Street Outlaw concept and how popular this form of drag racing competition has become.”

Today’s Buffalo Street Outlaws group consists of the Outlaw Street, Limited Street and Real Street divisions. Real Street consists of pure highway-legal street cars that must be driven to the track to be eligible for competition. Real Street runs once per month during Lancaster’s Wednesday night cruise nights.

Outlaw Street and Limited Street will both run as part of Friday’s program. Outlaw Street utilizes full purpose-built race cars that in appearance have a connection to fast cars seen on area highways. On Friday, 16 cars will compete in Outlaw Street, including Hamilton and Day.

Limited Street features competition for cars that are completely street legal and can be registered and insured for everyday highway use but are not required to be highway registered and insured. A field of 20 is expected Friday.

Along with the local contingent, entries expected at Lancaster on Friday are from Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and elsewhere within New York State.

Hamilton, of Fort Worth, Texas, drives a newly constructed New Edge Ford Mustang that sports a small block engine and a single turbocharger.

When Day, of Oklahoma City, arrives he will be driving his famous 1981 Chevrolet El Camino, which houses some serious power in the form of a 500 cubic inch Chevy big-block engine.

The Street Outlaws visit to this area also includes a fundraiser for the Lackawanna High School football program. Day, Hamilton and a third driver, Kayla Morton, will make a meet-and-greet appearance at the Nite Cappe Restaurant at the corner of Martin and Abbott roads in Lackawanna from 6-10 p.m. Thursday.