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Letter: Those who park illegally disrespect city residents

Those who park illegally disrespect city residents

This is in response to the writer who complained of being ticketed after being “forced” to park on the wrong side of a street while attending the Allentown Art Festival on June 12.

I also attended the festival that day, and parked legally. Sure, I parked about four blocks from Allen Street, but since we’re the City of Good Neighbors, shouldn’t we show some consideration for the residents of the area who must tolerate the influx of traffic during the festival? I live half a block from the Italian Festival on Hertel Avenue, which is far more horribly intrusive than the Art Festival, and I applaud every ticket I see on an illegally parked car’s windshield. My usual complaint is that there aren’t enough tickets issued.

The writer concludes that he will no longer attend the Art Festival. Fine. One less illegally parked car in the neighborhood can only gladden the hearts of the folks who live there.

Bill Thomas