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Letter: Republicans lack courage to stand up to Trump, NRA

Republicans lack courage to stand up to Trump, NRA

I realize that vocabulary has become a thing of the past since texting abbreviations permeate our world, but does anyone remember words like courageous, ethics, compromise and spineless?

I’d like to applaud the few Republicans who have been courageous enough to buck the National Rifle Association and reject Donald Trump’s unethical behavior. Apparently, the rest of the party is spineless.

I was reminded that, in the not too distant past, opposing politicians were able to compromise “for the good of the nation” when I read that Brent Scowcroft, former national security and military adviser to three Republican presidents, has just endorsed Hillary Clinton for president.

In his words, “the presidency requires the judgment and knowledge to make tough calls under pressure” and “Clinton has the wisdom and experience to lead our country at this critical time.”

OMG – someone with the wisdom and integrity to put our country first.

LOL to the Donald.

Helen Shoff

West Seneca