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Letter: Hire retired officers to work in cellblock

Hire retired officers to work in cellblock

In response to the June 20 News editorial, “Honorable cops,” I applaud the two lieutenants who stood up for Shaun Porter, the prisoner who was injured. But if the City of Buffalo offered more money to the cellblock attendants, it would get more qualified applicants. Making $29,000 a year is nothing nowadays.

Way back when, officers were put in charge of the cellblock only when they came out of the academy. Matthew Jaskula is a citizen working with the Buffalo Police Department. He does not represent the department’s fine men and women on the job.

I know the Cheektowaga Police Department used to hire New York State Corrections to operate its lockup and I’m sure these officers know how to handle prisoners.

Maybe Mayor Byron Brown should look into hiring retired state corrections and Buffalo police officers to do the job right. Pay them a higher wage, because most of them already have benefits. This would save the city money.

Jeffrey Varecka