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Truck drives into Wagner’s Farm Market in Sanborn

SANBORN – It took more than 120 years to build it up and just minutes to knock it down.

The owners of Wagner’s Farm Market, in business since 1892, were cleaning up Monday afternoon after a DHL delivery truck went off the road and destroyed the front wall of their store and most of their homegrown produce, which had been on display inside.

Amy Wagner Winkelmann, who is co-owner of the business with her brother Peter, said they had to throw everything away. She said they hope to put up a temporary wall and reopen Tuesday.

Police had not issued a report, but Winkelmann said she suspected the man who was driving the truck was inattentive or distracted.

She said the truck was heading west when it went off Lockport Road just after 10 a.m., bounced off a customer’s car and went into their building.

“Thank God nobody got hurt because he came right through our front door,” she said. “If we had a store full of people ... I can’t even imagine.”

She said the farm was started in 1892 and the store, at 2672 Lockport Road, was opened in 1967. She said they have never had anything like this happen before.

On Monday, she and her brother were sweeping up large shards of glass, produce and family mementos.

Winkelmann admitted she was angry as she watched her brother removing and picking up items like 150-year-old family pictures, other family artifacts and community awards that had been knocked off the walls.

“I’m very angry,” Winkelmann said. “This is my family. This is my life. Thank God the 150-year-old picture of our family wasn’t destroyed, but we had stuff all over that wall.”

She said it was too early to say what the damage total will be.

Police have not released the name of the truck driver or whether he will face any charges in the crash.