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Letter: Why must taxpayers foot bill for cosmetic surgery?

Why must taxpayers foot bill for cosmetic surgery?

I do not mind – in fact, I applaud – the use of my tax dollars to further the education of children. If my tax dollar is used to pay a teacher’s salary, repair or build old or new schools or provide supplies needed in order to teach, I consider that an investment in our nation’s future. Some unknown adult paid for my grammar and high school education, so I am happy to pass this on, and have done so for many decades with no complaint.

However, I really resent my tax dollars going to pay for a teacher’s nose or boob job. This has nothing to do with educating our children. When that teacher is willing to have his/her tax dollar pay for my cosmetic surgery, then, and only then, will I even begin to think of it as fair. Until that happens, please explain to me how they get to use my hard-earned money for their personal beautification.

Marge McMillen

East Amherst