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Letter: Science Museum offers engaging new exhibits

Science Museum offers engaging new exhibits

I was delighted to read Karen Bjornland’s June 6 My View, “Dinosaur obsession took root at museum.” I recall weekends in Philadelphia with my family. My heart would also “skip a beat” as my father drove up the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and the magnificent Franklin Institute, home to the beloved walkthrough heart, came in to view. It is where my passion for museums was born.

There I was encouraged to be curious, to not only ask what something is, but also how it worked and why it mattered. My sister and I explored and investigated together, enjoying the wonders of liquid nitrogen and appreciating the wisdom of Benjamin Franklin. And we would run through that walkthrough heart again, and again, and again. We made memories, equally as cherished as those of which Bjornland wrote. For her, it was dinosaurs. For me, it was museums themselves.

Half a lifetime later, I am honored to be the president and CEO of the Buffalo Society of Natural Sciences, leading the Buffalo Museum of Science and Tifft Nature Preserve. What was true for Bjornland remains the case today – visits to these venues, or to any of Buffalo’s outstanding museums, create experiences that shape lives.

There is so much to explore at the Science Museum. While we proudly display Bjornland’s allosaurus and “Stuffy” the Buffalo, we have seven new science studios, each full of engaging objects and learning opportunities. Come see us. Be curious and explore. Make memories and shape lives.

Marisa Wigglesworth

President and CEO

Buffalo Society of Natural Sciences