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Letter: Gosy helped thousands of people deal with pain

Gosy helped thousands of people deal with pain

In response to the recent letter, “Gosy is not the healer some profess him to be,” I respectfully offer the following.

One of the recent News articles stated that more than 2,700 area physicians referred patients to Dr. Eugene Gosy. Why? Possibly because they had reached their medical knowledge limit in trying to diagnose a medical situation and therefore referred their patients to Gosy for treatment.

Please provide the name of any physician who is able to resolve any condition 100 percent of the time, so I can be cured of my condition. Two primary-care physicians and several neurologists, after due diligence, referred me to Gosy for pain management more than 11 years ago. I was nearly totally disabled and could not walk any distance – much less work. Since then, I have been able to enjoy a nearly normal life because of Gosy’s knowledge in pain management.

Nobody is correct 100 percent of the time, but if Gosy was so bad, why would 2,700 physicians send patients to him for help?

Charles J. Goetz Sr.