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Niagara County real estate transactions

CAMBRIA Highest price: $221,500 Average price: $158,567 Median price: $165,000 Number of Sales: 6

• Saunders Settlement Road, Karen Rouin; Neal Rouin to Patrick D. Handley; Sarah B. Handley, $221,500.

• 4152 Lower Mountain Road, Cherie A. Roneker; John E. Roneker to Bronze Creek Title Trust; Christiana Trust, $186,125.

• 4540 Thrall Road, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp to Bridget Goodrige; Kevin Lamb, $165,000.

• 5357 Subbera Road, Brenda L. Snyder to Bear Stearns Asset Backed Securities I Trust; US Bank, $155,877.

• 4075 Burch Road, Joan L. Foster; Joan L. Nugent to Stephanie C. Rosten, $135,900.

• Comstock Road, George M. Wasik; John R. Wasik to Margaret Swan, $87,000.


• Checkerd Tavern Road & Gill Road, Charles W. Phillips Jr. to Charles Leslie Phillips, $110,000.

LEWISTON Highest price: $236,000 Average price: $163,067 Median price: $166,500 Number of Sales: 6

• Pletcher Road, David Kahl; David Rhoades to Matthew Carmen Bandinelli, $236,000.

• 875 Page Ave., James N. Oconnor; Kathleen C. Oconnor to Gerald A. Pucillo; Shauna M. Pucillo, $169,900.

• 220 North 9th St., Barbara K. Ries; Richard Ries to Robert A. Milne; Erin Ringham, $166,500.

• Washington Drive, Anthony D. Carella to Nicole L. Warner, $145,000.

• Oneida St., Sandra Smith; Patricia Winchester; Patricia A. Winchester; Robert Winchester; William C. Winchester to Brian K. Dowsey, $140,000.

• Brookside Drive, Carol Sue Keck; George B. Keck to Debra Fantrazzo; Leah Fantrazzo, $121,000.

CITY OF LOCKPORT Highest price: $200,340 Average price: $75,837 Median price: $72,000 Number of Sales: 21

• O’Brien Drive, Todd D. Valentine to Michael A. Mclaren; Seantel L. Mclaren, $200,340.

• Park Lane Circle, Michael R. Zulick; Shari L. Zulick to Andrew Heftka; Brittany Heftka, $145,000.

• 39 Harvey Ave., Erin Kanalley to Mellon Bank of New York, $127,658.

• 410 North Transit St., Robert Mitravich to Morgan Stanley Home Equity Loan Trust; Deutsche Bank National Trust, $100,990.

• Pine St & Gaffney Road, Robin Bronson; Harry Clark Jr.; Robin Bronson Clark to Jean C. Taylor; John T. Taylor, $91,500.

• Wilson Parkway, Gary E. Harris; Wendy H. Harris to Kristin M. Bernardi, $85,000.

• East Ave., Brian C. Orzechowski; Victor J. Orzechowski to April Leiser, $84,694.

• Davison Road, Karen M. Mckeever to Gary E. Harris; Wendy H. Harris, $83,000.

• 1 Woodlawn Ave., Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Aaron Schifferle, $79,000.

• 8 Woodbury Drive, Nationstar Mortgage to Michael Giordano, $72,275.

• Elmwood Ave., Jeremy Swiatowy to Steven J. Mcqueen, $72,000.

• 117 Ontario St., Jeffrey B. Dimon to Cornerstone Community, $65,800.

• 56 Bacon St., Flavia Skilbred to Fannie Mae, $64,290.

• Niagara St., Joseph P. Kendzie to Jayson A. Kendzie, $60,000.

• 94 Bridlewood Drive, Frederick J. Bower; Rose M. Bower; Rosemary O. Bower to Household Finance Realty Corp of NY, $58,630.

• Juniper St., Adrienne L. Crecelius; William E. Crecelius Jr. to Michael Florio, $53,500.

• 18 William St., HUD to Joyce A. Grimes; Lawrence D. Grimes, $47,500.

• Crosby Ave., John L. Coley to Stephen Jasinski, $42,000.

• 79 Oakhurst St., Bruce G. Spencer; Bruce George Spencer to David J. Rutzen, $21,000.

• 39 Harvey Ave., Mellon Bank of New York; CWABS Inc; Specialized Loan Servicing to George Hess, $20,900.

• 65 Caledonia St & 92 Church St., Linda J. Laskey; William Laskey; William F. Laskey to Leslie Mursuli, $17,500.

LOCKPORT Highest price: $825,000 Average price: $249,129 Median price: $136,500 Number of Sales: 6

• Transit Road, W L Transit LLC to Ambition Properties, $825,000.

• Twilight Lane, Ronald J. Skoney to Harold W. Weber Jr., $225,000.

• Lincoln Ave Ext, Carla S. Lee; Michael J. Lee to Derek Caldwell; Nicole Westcott, $136,500.

• 7081 Academy Lane, Anthony R. Chase-Hill; Valency P. Chase-Hill to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, $122,673.

• 4894 Mount View Drive, Citimortgage to Victoria Akers; Michael Giordano, $105,600.

• Northview Drive, Charles L. Phillips to Charles Wesley Phillips Jr, $80,000.


• 12 Hammond Parkway, Christine D. Cramer; Christopher T. Cramer to Brett K. Decker, $131,000.

• Vernon St., Herbert G. Koenig; Jean N. Koenig to Michael J. Reale; Nicole M. Reale, $79,787.


• Ontario St., Jill M. Masset; Mathew R. Masset to Michelle Hohensee; Scott Hohensee, $180,000.

• 5979 Washington St., Richard E. Herrmann to Melania C. Kwiatkowski, $119,250.

• Carlicliff Drive, Diana Sanderson to Amelia J. Davis; Joseph F. Davis, $80,000.

NIAGARA FALLS Highest price: $7,216,422 Average price: $432,512 Median price: $78,970 Number of Sales: 20

• 5380 & 5380 & 5384 Frontier Ave., Ronald L Roseman Revocable Trust; Ronald L. Roseman to 5380 Frontier Ave. Energy Co, $7,216,422.

• Vanderbilt Ave., Danielle M. Zona; Jason A. Zona to Angela M. Frommert; Derek R. Frommert, $199,000.

• Joann Circle, Kyle R. Andrews; Loretta Musolino to Antonio L. Restraino, $150,000.

• 3927 Washington St., Angela M. Divita; Jessie W. Divita; Angela M. Frommert to Danielle M. Zona; Jason A. Zona, $148,294.

• Packard Road, Susan M. Bak; Geraldine Schuk to Carl E. Anthony, $142,600.

• 3 30th St., Elhussein Mansour to Perminder S. Purewal; Sandeep K. Purewal; Surjit Purewal; Joginder Singh, $120,000.

• 445 16th St., DHGF LLC to Dream It Properties, $100,250.

• 9th St & Walnut Ave., Upstate Development Group to Rafah Taher, $100,000.

• Pine Ave & 37th St., Charles E. Vanepps to Satwant Singh, $80,000.

• North Ave., Jennifer Eberhart to Anne E. Hayes, $78,970.

• 379 Falls St., Frances K. Lukaszonas; Ronald P. Lukaszonas to Ronald P. Lukaszonas, $65,000.

• Monroe Ave., Hammam Rifai to Niagara Rentals, $62,000.

• Grand Ave., Chris Plennert to Christopher A. Plennert, $40,000.

• 3548 Sherwood Ave., Theresa C. Colangelo to Bank of America, $34,200.

• 29th St., Marion Costanzo; Frank Lapolice to Frank Lapolice Jr., $30,000.

• 421 17th St., City of Niagara Falls New York to Toshauna B. Hussain; Yasin S. Hussain, $25,000.

• 2642 Porter Road, HSBC Bank; PHH Mortgage Corp to Anthony Catalano, $23,000.

• B & A St West, Lisa A. Holtz; William H. Holtz to Yasin Hussain, $13,000.

• Linwood Ave., Marlene Rizzo to Myrtice Brinson, $13,000.

• Willow Ave., Anna Christina Ferrante to Linda Canazzi; Equity Trust Co, $9,500.

NORTH TONAWANDA Highest price: $190,000 Average price: $101,130 Median price: $95,000 Number of Sales: 10

• 583 Fairmont Ave., David K. Fetzer to David C. Dorgan; Patricia A. Matter, $190,000.

• 492 Old Falls Blvd., Rosina Cieri to Theresa Adamczyk; Tammy Rummings, $163,500.

• Witmer Road, Glen Mawhinney; Melissa Mawhinney to David Todd Clark, $126,000.

• Homestead Drive, Sandra A. Chank; Paula S. Cofield; Doris A. Schumacher; Gordon L. Schumacher; Terry G. Schumacher to Mark J. Dibello, $115,000.

• Fredericka St., Joseph Michael Giambra to James G. Hill, $95,000.

• Hyland Ave., Robert Bax; Joseph Bennett to Eric A. Wilson, $84,900.

• Payne Ave., Jason H. Fischer; Jason Harold Fischer; Joseph Shaw; Jason Louis Joseph to Krystal Duff, $78,000.

• Keil St., Elvira A. Beringer; Mark R. Beringer to Andrew R. Beringer, $65,000.

• 1st Ave., Cynthia Denick to Chelsea Wiechec, $56,400.

• Fredericka St., Anthony W. Jungier; Michaeline V. Jungier; Michalina V. Jungier to Benjamin J. Truesdell, $37,500.


• Devonshire Lane, NVR Inc; Ryan Homes of New York to Keith Rapp, $317,210.

• 4627 Kriston Lane, Linda Campanella; Santo Campanella to Katherine M. Barone, $272,500.


• 1665 Groveland Ave., Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Peter Gentner Dolansky; Victoria Gentner Dolansky, $52,000.

WHEATFIELD Highest price: $255,000 Average price: $177,000 Median price: $170,000 Number of Sales: 5

• Starling Court, Michael J. Burke to James R. Wallace; Mary C. Wallace, $255,000.

• Nickett Drive, Matthew C. Bandinelli to Kathleen Rose Burke; Michael J. Burke, $172,000.

• Lockport Road, Carmi Lanurias to Nycole Moeller; Michael Thomas, $170,000.

• Shawnee Road, Joshua D. Karczewski; Tracy C. Karczewski to John F. Schwarzkopf, $146,000.

• 2733 Stenzel Ave., Lesta Brown; Lesta J. Brown; Julie A. Rott to Amanda L. Graffius; Kevin R. Muff Jr., $142,000.