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Letter: It’s foolish to ban guns with terrorism on rise

It’s foolish to ban guns with terrorism on rise

My thoughts and prayers go out to the loved ones of the Orlando nightclub terror/hate attack on our soil. As usual in tragedy, we rush to judgment and blame. The government quickly jumps on the “gun ban” wagon to distract from the real truth, which is its failing U.S. foreign policy that has been a disaster for decades since the United States supported the shah in Iran.

The policies of the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton’s actions as secretary of state have failed Americans. We are now on a path to becoming the next France and Belgium because of their negligence. The immigration laws have been ignored for years under this and past administrations. We now have thousands of “undocumented” refugees wanting to come into our country. Religion, racism or bigotry have nothing to do with Donald Trump’s proposal for a temporary ban on immigrants. It’s just plain common sense.

Is banning guns while under attack from extreme radical terrorism common sense? Be glad we have the Second Amendment, because you have the right to legally purchase and own a firearm to protect and defend your family and yourself. Because it seems the government is not interested in your safety or your liberties.

By the way, the biggest mass shooting on U.S. soil against Americans was in 1890, at Wounded Knee Creek in South Dakota, ordered by the U.S. government. Let’s be “politically correct.”

Gary E. Huber

Town of Boston