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Letter: Harsh winter weather is a drawback for tower

Harsh winter weather is a drawback for tower

The developers of the 23-story residential complex at the former Freezer Queen site have obtained Common Council approval. The next obstacle they face is answering the question: Who would want to live there? Consider how isolated those residents will be. It’s a long haul from there to a supermarket, a gas station, a drugstore or a pizzeria. They’ll be far away from the amenities of urban living.

Then consider the climate. For part of the year, they’ll enjoy beautiful sunsets and gentle breezes off Lake Erie. For the rest of the time, they’ll be in the teeth of the gale. For months their building will be covered in ice and snow. They can expect to be completely cut off at least once a year. And once those wicked winter winds start to blow, that building will sway. Tenants on the upper floors may feel queasy as their soup sloshes in its bowl.

Jack Dumpert