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Letter: Don’t make people suffer through excruciating pain

Don’t make people suffer through excruciating pain

Well, The News has certainly made its sentiments clear. On the same page were two extended opinions by well-known columnists that basically said the same thing – “death with dignity” (the term “physician assisted suicide” carries a very negative connotation) is not something that we really want for society as long as it’s available for me. They hesitate to ask doctors to violate their Hippocratic oaths, although I’m not sure why our modern society is controlled by rules laid down more that 2,000 years ago and that have been changed many times since. If it’s still a problem, then don’t involve the doctors. We already sell many toxic substances over the counter. Why not one more?

Kathleen Parker asks, “Can’t life be made tolerable enough during this time [the last six months of life] to avoid making doctors and family members complicit in suicide?” There’s that “suicide” word again. Well sometimes the answer is, “No, it can’t!” And who cares about how my doctors and my family feel about it? I am in constant, excruciating pain. Please let me die without pain and with whatever grace and dignity I can muster.

Paul Tenser