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Sabres waiting for facts in latest Kane incident

Like police, the Buffalo Sabres are still trying to determine exactly what happened with Evander Kane at a downtown bar last week. No matter the result, it was disconcerting to see negative news again accompany the forward.

“I’m not pleased to see the headline,” coach Dan Bylsma said Saturday.

Buffalo police are investigating an alleged disturbance at a Chippewa bar Thursday night. Sabres General Manager Tim Murray has spoken with Kane’s representatives but not the 24-year-old.

“I’ve heard the stories,” Murray said in First Niagara Center. “The very first part of it that came out didn’t sound very good. The stuff I’ve heard since is from people that have made statements that night that they say they didn’t make statements.

“I’ve talked to his agency. They’ve heard different stories than what was reported. I’m commenting, but I can’t comment in detail because I’ve got nothing to comment on. I don’t know all the details. I don’t know what’s right or wrong.

“The police will investigate. There’ll be evidence or there won’t be evidence, and they’ll either go forward or they’ll go away.”

Kane, who had been trying to rebuild an image that was tarnished during his time in Winnipeg, got off to a good start after his February 2015 trade to Buffalo, but he was involved in a sexual assault allegation in December. Though the case was closed with no charges filed, the optics were not good.

“It frustrates me that it’s public and in the press, but people live their lives,” Murray said. “If this is like the last one and in three days they say nothing happened and it goes away, sure, it’s frustrating, but to me it’s a wait and see.

“If it’s true, then we have to deal with it the way we have to deal with it. If it’s false again, then I guess we have to come up with a different plan of attack on how to make sure that these accusations that may not be true, how we stop them.”