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Sabres fan allegedly finds Tampa Bay Lightning draft strategy in downtown hotel

The NHL Draft is in Buffalo this weekend, and it looks like executives from one team may have left a sheet detailing their draft strategy in their hotel lobby.

The following image started circulating on social media Friday and was traced back to the Tampa Bay Lightning, who own the draft picks referenced on the sheet.


The user who posted the image later received a direct message from the team, asking him to take his tweets down.

He first made an obligatory Sabres joke – telling the team sure, as long as Steven Stamkos signs with Buffalo – but eventually obliged and was promised Lightning gear for his troubles. But by then the pictures were already around the Internet.


I'm honestly fascinated by the info on the sheet. "TQ Prob.," in the middle, appears to be Tampa's own formula for determining the likelihood a player selected at a particular spot turns out to be a successful NHLer. They give their pick at the end of the first round a 1-in-4 chance of making it. By the end of the second round, the odds are down to 1-in-10.

Tampa then used those valuations to weigh the merits of potential trades. In their alleged trade option with Buffalo, for instance, the Lightning feel they would come out ahead if they gave the Sabres the 58th selection for picks 69 and 86 because the TQ Prob. is higher.

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Interestingly, every option to trade down in the draft resulted in a net gain of TQ Prob., while every option for trading up gave Tampa a lower TQ Prob.

The Lightning didn't make any trades Friday during Round One, but if general manager Steve Yzerman gets busy on Saturday, I know what the first question will be about.

Here's hoping @todd_vic actually gets his care package from the team.

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