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Letters (June 26): Our readers speak out

Prep Talk Awards top excellent high school year

I applaud the Buffalo News sports department, under the watchful eye of Executive Sports Editor Lisa Wilson, for the outstanding coverage it gives to high school sports through the year.

Keith McShea, now the paper’s Deputy Sports Editor, did an outstanding job covering high school sports over the years in the paper and online. He now oversees that coverage, ably handled by Miquel Rodriguez and others. However, the Prep Talk Awards, which recently celebrated its third anniversary of giving our finest high school athletes a long, deserved bow for their performances, is an outstanding exclamation point to your coverage throughout the year. Adding a Prep Talk Hall of Fame and this year, recognizing Dennis DiPaolo, one of the most generous people I know, is also a tremendous touch along with bringing in top-notch speakers.

The special section produced on June 18 will be in the athlete’s scrapbooks and they will use it when applying for college scholarships.

It is very important for our media to recognize the positive attributes of our high school students and to encourage others to get involved in these activities. We need to save our disillusioned youth, and the continued promoting of our high school athletes is a great start.

Michael J. Billoni

Grand Island

When it comes to Bills, devil is in the details

Excellent tongue-in-cheek recap by Tim Graham regarding the Bills and all the challenges they seem to face this year. Considering the amount of money that the Pegulas have invested in this roster over the past three years including the large bonuses and the Rex Ryan and large coaching staff contracts, you would think that the Bills would be in great shape. The Pegulas have done their part and deserve better as do the Bills fans.

It seems that we just can’t seem to identify the problem with this team over the past sixteen years, especially when you consider all NFL teams are competing based on the same salary cap limitations. Just on an accidental basis we should have made the playoffs at least once. I’m thinking that if the Bills do underperform again this year and fail to make the playoffs, it is vital that the Pegulas bring in an outside football guy to do a fresh evaluation of the organization from top to bottom.

I’m hoping that this won’t be necessary and the Bills play well, the coaches earn their money, and the Bills are participating in the playoffs in January.

Lou Speranza


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