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Letter: Situational awareness is necessary in daily life

Situational awareness is necessary in daily life

The term situational awareness means being alert to your surroundings and aware of the situation around you.

If you are in alligator country, be aware that an alligator or a python can kill you or your child. If you are in mountain lion country, know that a hungry cat can overpower the biggest jogger.

In Western New York, be aware that coyotes’ favorite prey are house cats, and they will steal any meal they can carry away, even a newborn on a blanket in your backyard. And know that in springtime, young black bears will roam far and wide, in search of new home territory, even within sight of the Buffalo skyline.

The solution is not to kill all alligators and cougars, coyotes and bears. The solution is to be aware of your surroundings and the potential dangers of the animals who live there. They need their space, so take precautions to avoid problems.

Situational awareness also extends to terrorism. If your angry co-worker rants about shooting the president, call the Secret Service. It wants to know. So if you see something, say something.

Bob Catalano