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Letter: Political correctness will cause our demise

Political correctness will cause our demise

In their eagerness to jump on the creaky old gun control bandwagon, the June 17 editorial writers ignore some obvious points.

In Orlando, the type of weapon available to Omar Mateen was of secondary importance. He held off police for hours by simply threatening to strap explosives to the hostages, the necessary standoff adding to the death toll. Suicide vests were the weapons of choice in Brussels, and draconian French gun laws did nothing for the 130 killed in Paris.

Mateen’s actions and statements prior to the attack seemed aimed at finding how far he could push the system without being caught, which turned out to be tragically far. Despite this (and a father who expressed support for the Taliban), he survived two FBI interviews and passed all psychological screenings. Americans who question how this could happen might look to the Obama administration’s Countering Violent Extremism program launched last year. A key provision of this initiative requires the FBI to rely on “local partners to identify problems as they emerge” rather than conducting surveillance on their own. In the intervening 16 months we have endured four terrorist attacks, each more deadly than the last, including the worst since 9/11.

President Obama assures us that ISIS has been fatally weakened, but his CIA director just testified to the contrary. In historian Victor Davis Hanson’s word’s, “radical Islam has finally grasped that the way to destroy Western societies is to employ Western political correctness against them, leading eventually to their paralysis.”

Malcolm Vanderburgh