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Letter: Many people hope Sanders won’t quit

Many people hope Sanders won’t quit

It is evident that Los Angeles Times political analyst Cathleen Decker, in her June 18 article published in The News, has difficulty keeping in check her resentment and animosity toward Bernie Sanders for remaining a player on the political scene. She clearly would like him to raise a white flag and allow Hillary Clinton to assume the captaincy of the Democratic ship without any interference or input from him. In short, she would like him to give up, be quiet and go home.

Where is her understanding of, her appreciation for and her gratitude to a fellow citizen who puts its all on the line to present to his compatriots a philosophy for governing the country that he truly believes and to which he is, and has been for decades, unalterably committed? Is she expecting that he will forget his ideas and his ideals with an, “Oh, well. It didn’t work out”? To do so would be to disavow the principles of those venerated Founding Fathers who not only accepted the presentation of opposing ideas, but actually encouraged such presentation.

There are millions of us who do not want “business as usual.” I hope Sanders keeps on until his own astute intelligence, keen perceptiveness and deep compassion for humanity tells him otherwise.

Dorothy K. Bock