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Letter: Write-in vote for Sanders means victory for Trump

Write-in vote for Sanders means victory for Trump

I write in response to the June 14 letter from a Bernie Sanders supporter. While I appreciate the writer’s view and her right to have that perspective, I most certainly disagree with the content.

She suggests that the way to win is to “write in Sanders or vote Green.” She then goes on to say if people do this, “Hillary Clinton will lose.”

I agree with many issues that Sanders has raised in the primary – pay inequality, the superdelegate system, tuition at public colleges and much more.

But if Clinton loses due to write-in votes for Sanders or the Green Party candidate, no one will win except Donald Trump. We should not be confused or misled on that point.

There are so many issues that our next president will have to deal with that are critical to our safety at home and abroad, that are important to the economy and to many of us, such as the seat or seats on the Supreme Court.

I may not agree with all that Clinton stands for or represents, but we are left with these two choices, and to cast a vote for a third-party candidate or write in for this election is in essence voting for the presumptive Republican nominee. Not a good choice.

Ann Converso, R.N.