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City Hallways (June 24) Trashy scene at Delaware Park this morning


Clean-up continues at Delaware Park morning after the Corporate Challenge

Clean-up continues at Delaware Park morning after the Corporate Challenge

I got a text this morning from someone suggesting I stop by Delaware Park on the way to work. It's like a landfill, he said.

When I arrived at 8:30, a garbage truck was just leaving the park, but there was still plenty of trash left for the remaining crews on morning-after-the-Corporate Challenge duty.  parkIMG_6003

"Looks like they're making progress," the person who suggested I stop by Delaware Park responded when I texted him the photos I took. "I went there earlier and there was trash all over the place with seagulls swarming," he said.

P.S. I drove through Delaware Park at about 1:30 p.m. today and it was all cleaned up. The photo below was taken roughly from the same spot I was in when I took the pictures in the morning.


Fontana stops Council from approving pesticide spray near Bailey Avenue bridges

I can't recall any environmental discussions in the Common Council recently but it sounds like one will be coming up soon over plans to spray weedkiller near the Buffalo River and Cazenovia Creek.

The Council was on the verge of approving the pesticide plan a few days ago when Lovejoy Councilman Rich Fontana stopped that from happening.

"There's no reason to use pesticides close to the river," he said. "These will be bulldozed over in a few months. There's no need to spray."

At Fontana's request, the Council referred the item to a committee so it can be further discussed, possibly next week.

That discussion will center on a plan to use a chemical herbicide called Rodeo to kill Japanese knotweed and other invasive species on a 1.35-acre tract adjacent to, and between, the Bailey Avenue bridges. The contractor hired to realign the bridges wants to apply the herbicide to prevent the knotweed from spreading when the bridge and road construction work is being  done.

The herbicide won't be applied within  20 feet of the waterways, and additional steps will be taken to prevent runoff, according to a memo on the plan.

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Food trucks seem to be multiplying

Here's the latest of these trucks seeking a city license:

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