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Power take: Nicklaus wants to help Buffalo parks? Go for it

Mark Gaughan

Every once in a while you read a story that’s too good to be true ... but it is true. Jack Nicklaus told The News he’s willing to design golf courses for Delaware Park and South Park. And he would use his considerable connections with philanthropic organizations to help with fund-raising.

This is a great idea. Pinch me. Buffalo attorney Kevin Gaughan (no relation) sold Nicklaus on aligning his name with that of legendary park architect Frederick Law Olmsted. A new South Park course would be built adjacent to the current one, and that park would be restored to Olmsted’s original grand plan. The Delaware Park course “footprint” would get smaller. Whether that means fewer holes or not is too soon to say. I wrote a column for The News 20 years ago on how much I liked the 18-hole course. But getting Nicklaus on board to turn a bare-bones 18-hole layout into something great (whatever the size) is a rare opportunity. Rare. This is a chance to help the Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy take a great leap forward. Open minds are needed. Mayor Byron W. Brown needs to get on board.