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Poll: Should O.J. Simpson be on the Bills' Wall of Fame?

Hopefully, by now, most have had a chance to watch "OJ: Made in America." It's seven hours and 44 minutes of gripping, must-see TV.

There's a lot you probably know and much, much more you don't about the man and the "Case of the Century." While he somehow beat the criminal charges, of course, Simpson was later found liable in the civil case. He's now in a Nevada prison for a different crime.

As my podcast pal Tim Graham wrote last month, the Bills should consider putting No. 32 back into circulation. There's no denying Simpson's accomplishments on the field --- he rushed for more than 11,000 yards as a face of the NFL in the 1970's. But a lot has changed since Simpson's name was put on the Wall in 1980.

As the documentary unfolded, several Bills fans on Twitter questioned how he could be honored in any way by the team today.

The late Bills owner Ralph Wilson used to tell his top lieutenants they can do whatever they'd like after he passed. Yes, Simpson is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. But should the Bills make a change themselves?

After learning more about Simpson's past in this past week's documentary, let us know what you think here ...

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